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    ...For some reason, the littlest of yellow and orange things like ducks and oranges seems to be the worlds end. This must be a sign.

    Anywhoooo, pokemon love is pretty common here, so welcome! Glad that you are part of our humble community~ <3 I myself, play pokemon whenever I have free time; like on break times at my university, I would play Heart Gold, or Leaf Green; depends on what game I bring. It's different every-time. ^^ ROM Hacking is also pretty popular too. :3 In fact, if you were to visit the Emulation board, so long as you've read the rules, you can discuss ROM Hacking with other members. <3

    Well, I wish I can help with your ROM Hack project, but... I know little to none to ROM Hacking. u///u Buuuut, maybe check out the Team Discussions board on the Emulation board - you could team with other ROM Hackers, or make your own hacking group if you want! But again, just follow the rules so you'll know what to do, and what not to do~ mmkay? ^^

    Well, I hoped I've helped anyhow! Welcome to the forum! I hope you'll make yourself nice and cozy during your stay~ <3

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