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Hiya, Rubberduckyassassin3, welcome to PC~! Whoa.. your username is really long, but thankfully it's just the combination of three words and a number so it's not too hard to remember. XDD;

Anyway, I'd recommend utilizing your signature for advertising things, including your search for hack partners. It'll be a lot better than in your introduction thread since everyone can see your signature under all of your posts. n_n But yeah, like M. Doronjo said, go ahead and dig around the amazing Emulation section; you'll find loads of things there, including tutorials, resources, tools, and other things! It also has really useful threads like the ROM Hacking Simple Questions and Script Help Thread.

Of course, reading the rules over there is a must. Wouldn't want to make mistakes and have your thread/post deleted haha, so make sure you give them a read! :D

But yeah, a lot of us love Pokemon here. Does Sceptile happen to be your favorite, or is it something else? :3 Well, whatever it is you'd like to talk about on PC, I'm sure you'll find it here. Enjoy your stay and it was great meeting you!

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