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Originally Posted by zephyr6257 View Post
Wouldn't it be cool in Gen VI if you could purchase spray bottles filled with sleep powder, poison powder, etc?

That way, you don't have to bring your Pokémon who inflict status ailments, thus an extra slot for a cooler/stronger Pokémon?

My theory is, if you can wake up a Pokémon with Awakening, or even heal a poisoned Pokémon with Antidotes, can't you do the reverse?

That would be cool.
As Patchisou said, that's downright cruel. Why would you status your own Pokemon manually? That's pointless, IMO.

On a random note, the Toxic and Flame Orbs, which are similar items to what you described (by inflicting the holder with Toxic poison or burn respectively), were designed to activate Guts, Quick Feet and Poison Heal.

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