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    Exactly Logeidan. I didn't even touch the leaves, if I actually singed them, then I would have completely transformed the sprite. As is, I really only did alter the bottom half. Also, the contest awards were allocated appropriately. Chesu's sprite is clean and brilliant; furthermore, I thought his sprite out-shined the original sprite! Also, Thanks for getting back to me about the contest suggestion rules. My idea is presented below.

    The Silhouette Challenge

    You know that feeling when a new generation of pokemon are introduced, and GameFreak teases us with those silhoettes? Have you ever tried to guess what the concept was, or image what you wanted that concept to be? Well, you will have your chance to replicate that feeling with the Silhouette Challenge! A random and unique silhouette of a non-existing pokemon must be brought to life by color and shading to form a unique pokemon. The form can be flipped and turned as long as the silhoutte is not altered; thereby giving much more ability for the artist to interpret the ambiguous figure.

    Here is the same image flipped and rotated as an EXAMPLE:

    Do you see any ideas?

    Do you see a llama, sunflower, snail, lion, sloth, octopus, or any other animal/concept?

    Here is what I came up with:

    IF it sounds like fun, please let us know in the thread! Thanks

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