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    Took about three days to get my Deino to level 64 to have it evolve into Hydreigon on Black. Took 3 weeks to get my Bagon, Dratini, and Larvitar to their final forms in Soul Silver. They all got about 2 hours of straight grinding each. I tend to level for a certain time limit. All four had Lucky Egg on.

    The EXP Modifier and Audino spam helped Deino level really fast.

    I kinda agree that some of the older Pokemon should have their levels scaled back, but I remember people making the same complaints about Dratini in the days of Red/Blue/Silver/Gold because it was one of the hardest to train.

    Still to this date I have never gotten any of my Pokemon over level 80 outside of Pokemon Black and White and I still have my original Soul Silver and Pearl intact and return to train what team I have on them for about three or four hours when I'm bored enough to do so.

    Just for future games if they keep the EXP scaling I wish they would be able to re-scale the levels in which some evolve. Since its set in stone, they really can't though.
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