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    I ended up playing a Crystal Nuzlocke, it's been a while since my last nuzlocke, and I forgot how fun they are, I don't like nicknaming my Pokemon, so I just don't(it's an optional rule anyway).

    I'm just doing the two required rules.
    1. If a Pokemon faints, release it.
    2. If I fail to catch a Pokemon, too bad.

    I'm always too lazy to type every detail, so, I'll post my progress.

    I just beat my Rival(and Bugsy):
    Quilava Lv.16
    Tackle, Leer, Smokescreen, Ember
    Bellsprout Lv.16
    Vine Whip, Growth, Wrap, Sleep Powder
    Poliwag Lv.16
    Bubble, Hypnosis, Water Gun
    Togepi Lv.16
    Swift, Charm, Metronome, Mud-Slap

    New Bark Town-Obtained a Cyndaquil
    Route 29-Killed a Rattata
    Route 30-Killed a Hoothoot
    Route 31-Caught a Poliwag
    Dark Cave-Caught a Zubat
    Route 36-Caught a Bellsprout
    Violet City-Obtained a Togepi Egg
    Bellsprout Tower-Killed a Gastly
    Route 32-Killed a Bellsprout
    Union Cave-Caught a Wooper
    Route 33-Caught a Zubat
    Ilex Forest-Caught an Oddish
    Slowpoke Well-Killed a Zubat

    Wooper Lv.10
    Oddish Lv.7

    Zubat(Dark Cave) Lv.4-7-Killed by a Dunsparce
    Zubat(Route 33) Lv.6-10-Killed by a Goldeen