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Arc was just in position for the next target. he waited for the gang's group to come into sight. He took a breath and used double team. He then proceeded tohave a clone run in front of the gang and pretend to fall over. He had done this hundreds of times and knew right when to throw the large rock to sound like it hit a physical object. He jumped into place where the clone was when the gang became distracted and pretended to be down.

"What have we got here, a child?" The dirty, scar faced member said, "I bet they'd love another slave in Eterna City!" He looked towards his buddies and yelled, "Hey we are about to make a little extra food boys." They hooted and howled loudly.

Spark watched the whole thing unfold, she waited until they all gathered around to check out their prize,
Idiots. She crept up to their cart and began looking for items to steal, Some cloth for clothes, nice! Cool some bread and berries, these guys are rolling in loot! She began putting things in a bag she found in the cart, she got out through the back out the other side and broke all the wheels to the cart and burned the rest of the supplies, Hope they aren't big smokers she laughed at the mischief.

She released a little energy by shocking one of the members just enough to paralyze him. Just as she did that Arc did a back flip kick on the supposed leader, knocking him out. He then used wild charge, hearing the cracking of ribs of the last man. All of them were now unconscious or unable to move, "Lets carry them to the cars Spark!"

"I'd rather not though how about you go ahead and do that, take their shirts and shoes. try not to light any sparks near their car." She laughed a bit, she knew their boss wouldn't be happy, "Also take the car out of park and push the car down that hill." Arc complied, pleased to help his sister. they escaped back to their cave

"Can we play mercenary?" Arc was excited to be home, they had collected various things in there and all of their belongings had been hidden behind a large moveable rock, to heavy for just one of them, "I bet we will get another assassination attempt in Jubilife!" He was trying to play slaps with a double team clone, though could seem to hit his clone's hand.

We really don't need anything.
She looked around the cave, many people had wondered in, only to get lost and die of hunger, It gets to hard to find lost people, and they make the place smell terrible, we need a new hideout. "Arc would you like to find a new place to move to?"

"How will we move all of our stuff? I don't think we can do it alone."

He is right, we can't steal any kind of truck to move the things without getting caught on the roads, then there's gas and actually finding one that works.
She thought hard What if we find a group to work with. "Tomorrow we will look for somewhere to go to okay? Don't you want a bigger place to play?" I figure the best place to go is the underground, maybe we can find some supplies and jobs too. She shuttered at the thought of going to the lunatics hideout, at least we aren't on her bad side anymore, well the side that doesn't get us killed I'm sure shes all bad side.

"Yeah!" His clone and him jumped up with joy, and almost hit his head against the top of the cave. Spark set up some mats and roughly sewn together from old clothing blankets. they both laid down and went to sleep, Arc excited to have more space and Spark excited to get a home that didn't smell like rotting corpses.
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