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Originally Posted by Yuki's Sword View Post
Hello everyone. I saw an article on Equestria Daily about a Crystal Empire Adventures DVD that is set to come out on December 4th. (Along with a Season 1 DVD.) And apparently there are Crystal Pony toys out in stores already. ...And season three isn't even out yet! And the already have a future DVD...and crystal pony toys...and yet there is no hints as to when Season Three will be on TV... they keep saying soon but it hasn't happened yet...

My thought about this is for Hasbro to earn early money, probably?
I mean, fans are excited for Season 3, and what way to cash their excitement than to do this.
Not that I complain though.

Originally Posted by Houndour2005 View Post
Now that the Crystal Empire are mentioned.
That was an interesting read. Spoiler a bit, but not too much. :\
Still excited, nonetheless!

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