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    Heres what I have so far.

    Sign-Up Sheet



    I: Normal Form

    Name: Dillon Summers

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Sin: Sloth

    Virtue: Temperance

    Appearance: Dillon is a six foot one man, with light blond hair and electric blue eyes. He is fairly muscular, able to keep up with the stronger guys on his football (soccer) team. (although he quit last year) He's also strikingly handsome. His usual clothes are black jeans, black/violet converse shoes, t-shirts, and usually a jacket or hoodie of some kind. He spikes his hair up into an anime-faux hawk style hairdo, which is about two and a half inches tall, but the sides and back are buzzed down, so his haircut looks kinda stupid whenever he forgets to gel it. Also, Dillon wears a pair of purple foakleys (fake oakleys), which he always wears (whether on his shirt or on his face) He drives a motorcycle, and wears riding gloves/jackets and a violet helmet when on the road.

    Personality: Dillon is an extremely laid back guy. He doesn't care about much, not even himself. He just wants to have fun, and he does what he wants. He doesn't do what he doesn't want, and usually that is any type of work. He is friendly to people he likes, and jokes around a lot, but is a downright dickhead to people he doesn't care for. He wouldn't hesitate to bash someone for asking a dumb question, or even call them out when they lie. Otherwise, he looks out for his "bros", and usually has their back. In school, he makes great grades on tests, as he is a very intelligent man. But he doesn't ever do homework, and only does classwork when its with a group (and by do classwork I mean copy someone else) so he sits in the top 10% comfortably and carefree. He cares for his grandmother, and does what he can for her. She looked after him until he moved out a year ago, and now he visits her often to make sure she's okay. I guess you could call her his weak spot for caring.

    History: Dillon was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. His parents were both wealthy doctors, and Dillon was expected to follow in their footsteps. From an early age, his parents stressed the importance of making good grades, and doing well in school. Dillon was focused and amnitious as a child, always competing to be the best in the class. He didn't have to, but he studied a lot and learned extra information, usually just reading the entire textbook collection on the subject. He soon discovered that this was completely unneccesary and a waste of time, and began to dwindle in his studies. He still made top scores in class, but he slowly stopped working for it. The breaking point into full out BIRDGAFosity (B**** I Really Don't Give A F***) was when his parents died. He was 13, almost in high school, when he just completely stopped. When his parents died, he came to the conclusion that nothing really matters, and he should just do what he wants, before he dies unexpectingly. He still made good grades, but only because his perfect test average pulled up his 25% classwork/homework average. He lives with his grandmother now, and rides a motorcycle. Why? Because he f***ing wants to.

    Powers: His first human power is to sap others' willpower. He can simple make them not want to do something, or even reverse it and drive them to it. His other power is to tell if someone is trying to decieve him. He basidally turns into a human lie detector, only instead of reading heart beats or other bullcrap he just knows

    II: Holy Form

    Appearance: Dillon's holy form mainly changes clothing. He dons a pure white version of his black jeans, with a golden t-shirt that has a picture of a halo on it. His blonde hair turns slightly golder, and his glasses turn pure gold. His eyes go from brigt blue to livid green, and the pulsate with yellow and gold energy deep inside.

    Artefact: "Welcome to the Temperate Zone", the sunglasses. They are secured with magic on his face, and are unremovable by any force besides his own. His sense of humor shows when he names these.


    MASSive power: Dillon can control his mass, becoming more dense to become an unmovable object, or lowering it to become intangable. This can be spred to what he is touching, though it takes more focus to do more than his clothes.

    Karmatic Optics: Dillon can see if a person is doing something wrong or evil, or if they are about to do something wrong. When he looks at an evil-doer, the glow red. If he sees a person doing the right thing, they just look normal.

    Soul Seeker: Dillon can read a person's soul, which can give him information on every karmatic decision they have made in their life. It also grants him the ability to see their desires, hopes and dreams, as well as fears or regrets.

    Flight: Dillon can levitate, or fly at will. Honestly simple.

    III: Hell Form

    Appearance: Dillon's Hell Form takes the shape of a humanoid dragon. Hos body is covered in black scales, with grey scales around his face and hands/feet. His face is elongated to look more dragon like, and his teeth get very pointy. Another cool thing is his back sprouts a pair of batlike wings, covered in black and red scales (red near the tips to resemble flame). He can use these to fly. Also, his hands grow claws, and he grows a long, reptilian tail.


    Exert Force: Dragillon can exert force, which can knock people back. It is basically a shockwave that goes all around hos body and extends outwards, pushing things back.

    Dragon Breath: Dillon can shoot lightning or fire out of his mouth. The fire is dark red, and leaves lava behind on anything it touches. The lightning is red, and is more like a flamethrower than an actual lighning bolt.

    Soul Arrows: Dillon can shoot soul energy from his hands, taking the shape of whatever he decides (a bullet, ball, arrow, banana, you name it.)

    Chaotic Lightning: Basically looks like force lightning, only it is red coloured and is much stronger. This can be used to buff Dillons fist attacks or to be launched at foes. He can charge it up for stronger bursts.


    Mr. Aladdin sir! Have a wish or two or three!