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Penance 'Defender' Malum

Penance cried out as he was starting to feel light headed. His vision blurred for a bit but then the flames stopped and he fell to a knee, panting heavily. He looked up at the others trying in vain to attack Ignitus. They needed to run! Get away fast and leave before everything was lost! Too soon another Overheat slammed into them and forced Penance to the ground. He banged his head rather hard and groaned on the ground, panting a bit before he got onto his feet rather shakily.

He looked around with a confused look for a few seconds before a huge smile lit up on his face.

"Give me an opening, and I'll show you."

"Openings? I got openings! They are everywhere!" He burst into high pitched laughter as he held out a hand and grabbed some rubble that was made with the Overheat attack with his psychic powers and flung large quantities at the Flareon with crackling laughter. "There you go!" He shouted as he grabbed a rather large piece of rubbed and slammed it into the Absol's rear and tried to forcibly push the Absol toward the demon Flareon.

"Go through openings they said! Find the wall!" He burst into more laughter as the rubble continued to fly through the air and actually was going everywhere, even heading to where Guardia, Healer, The Swift, and Bloodthirster were. "So many pebbles! Gotta find the sand!" He burst into more laughter as rock chunks flung through the air randomly. "Plant the stone to find the acorn!" He giggled at his own 'joke'.