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    Ok.. First thing's first, I was having a few problems displaying textures, but I realised what was wrong yesterday and started on a few textures. So far, there is 5 of 25 3d-entities done for the base floor, and I think I can finish the rest today.. Ash's house is 4 tiles high, so that makes up close to 100 3d-entities (60-ish if you consider the empty space around the roof), just to give you some idea of the time involved with all of this.

    Adam, I'm not too sure what the problem is.. Have you tried installing the rmxp rtp?
    Are you trying to run it on a notebook or something? You won't be able to run it if your PC specs are too low.. You might also have trouble on a mac, you'll need to google "windows xp emulator for mac" or something like that..

    Everyone else, please give as much feedback as you can.

    Pokemon Indigo League is a re-creation of the original Pokemon TV series in game form
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