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    Eren & Pallas

    It wasn't long before Ina had dragged Aphrodi off to eat. Eren was starting to enjoy the smart mouth those two had between 'em, too.

    "See ya." At least they helped him kill time while he reached the grounds used during Capture the Flag. When he was looking for Dominique and Zane (really, who could miss big, hulking Zane? Six feet, ten inches; strong-armed, 194-pound fifteen year old from Texas with a black buzz-cut like he was going into the military), Eren passed behind some OTHER hulking kid from the Apollo cabin. He was kind of hoping that Dom could convince the guy to play victim for their training, but that was unlikely. Apollo's kids never liked being the target, and don't like being left out. Zane would beat his comparatively scrawny behind for trying to grab the spotlight. Back to the topic at hand, it thankfully didn't take too long to spot his cabinmates. Well, Dominique at least. Zane was surprisingly nowhere to be found, even though his Beartic was standing next to the cabin leader.

    "You ready, Ritter?" she asked.

    "Do I need to answer?"

    "Good. Begin." There was a short creaking sound, and an odd silence.

    Don't look up,
    Pallas warned him. Just move. He did, avoiding a cartoon-like smash on the ground by Zane, but there was quite a tremor from his steel gloves hitting gravel. Coulda sworn Dom's Weavile was launched a foot into the air.

    "You two are going to be defending Jim while he takes the flag. Zane'll take the rocks, you get the trees until there's none left. Until that happens, your Pokémon will be defending Jimmy personally." This gave Eren the assumption that everyone else will be holding their own at Athena's flag. Well, putting the strongest--well, only defenders on an offensive position was definitely new. Worth a shot to throw everyone else off-guard.

    "Now," Dom continued, "we have about fifteen minutes before Kiara starts sucking up by helping anyone with training... again." Did anyone mention Dom isn't exactly fond of the Wilson girl? It wasn't that Kiara somehow managed to help everyone with... well, pretty much anything; it was that her own efforts were shafted because of it. So, the trio spent that time working on what Dom thought was every plausible maneuver to surprise the other cabins, many of which seemed the total opposite of the roles Eren and Zane normally took.


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