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    Originally Posted by gam3r! View Post
    Hey man. Your project looks interesting great story, nice tiles and the extra story thing sounds good. Also how many fakemon are you planning to add ?
    Thanks for the compliments. I'm not sure about how many I want to have exactly, but definitely not too many. I'm not making a full dex, maybe 1/2 a dex or something.

    Originally Posted by Truality View Post
    Celestium is back!? That's great!

    I don't really get your update quota, though. Did you have screenshots between the text lines? Because if you did, I don't see any. Anyway, I'd love to sprite for you again if you're really going to resume work on this. Good luck!
    NIKA! I thought you died D:
    Sure I'd love to have you back helping me. I think I know why you couldn't see the screenshots. I uploaded them to a private album in PC, I made it public now, hopefully everyone can see.

    Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
    Wow... long time no see o.O I can't believe someone actually came back to do 2 years old project =D
    You're making me feel old :(

    Sprite Update:

    I'm gonna have to go back and tweak the shading on it's snout/head, but other than that I think it came about pretty cool-ish. Feel free to critic :)

    Progress Update:

    I finished the town and realized that screenshots are the biggest spoilers in the world. So I'll just post some minor-ish ones

    Granny in the town. Gotta have a granny talking about something old ;D

    To be honest it doesn't do anything in game. I've been deciding on whether to leave it that way. I think it'd be cool if I made it increase the happiness of the first party Pokemon, but not sure if that's a good idea.

    A pic in front of the gym, it's on it's own mountain/platform :D

    There's a market for Pokemon purchasing in this town. Though it's run by the government. FYI I WILL CHANGE THE ROCKET OWs! THEY'RE NOT TEAM ROCKET I REPEAT THEY'RE NOT TEAM ROCKET. Sorry, gotta make sure someone doesn't waste time thinking they're team rocket :P

    Lady at the desk giving me information.

    Helen's idea of punishment for having an invalid membership.

    That's all for this update folks! Once I finish the Gym I'll drop by again. Hopefully everyone can see the screenshots now as I changed the album from private to public. Please let me know and thanks for all the comments so far :)