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    Originally Posted by Drakow View Post
    He has four Ultra Ball to discard Ho-oh too. Energy Switch + Ho-oh seems nasty as hell to be honest. You can just drop Terrakion out of left field and go for a retaliate as well as other things.
    Typical mistakes my opponents make are:
    1. Catching Terrakion when Darkrai was active.
    2. Not getting the KO on Terrakion
    3. Attach dark energy to Terrakion, Dark Patch to Darkrai, retreat and Energy Switch the energy to Darkrai
    4. Max Potion Terrakion.
    5. Lol

    The deck is so unpredictable most players don't know how to handle playing against it. And honestly the oddity of this deck is that it has a less favorable matchup against Garchomp than Garbodor. Garbodor is annoying, but Garchomp doesn't take weakness from this deck at all. You have to completely rely on taking KO's off of Altaria or Gible/Gabite, otherwise your opponent just starts 2-shotting you and you're just put into a bad spot because all of your pokemon give 2 prizes and your opponents' only give 1.

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