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Welcome droomphy! Join us, post your plushies!

Everybody's plushies look amazing; I love Mario's Palkia especially! It would look amazing paired with the Dialga, I just can't believe they actually found a way to make those two Pokemon into plushies XD.

voltianqueen's Charizard and wingman's Lugia and Ho-oh caught my eye too! I love the new shelving too, the set-up is amazing. If only the pictures weren't so big and I could actually see it all at once

A-I, you make me feel dumb because I can't pinpoint what you did to Tails lmao.

Alrighty, I think I'm all caught up. You know what I've never seen and would love to see? A Castform plushie! One in each of its forms, I think they'd be adorable. AND A CUBCHOO!

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