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I'll do this by responding to each option:

Pokemon following you around like in Yellow, HG/SS
Not my #1 priority, but there's nothing bad about it. I voted no because it has no impact on gameplay.

Berry Trees Back
I voted yes on this one, because B/W were hellish as to getting berries.

New Battle system (6 on 6, etc.)
No sextuple battles, but there is one change I would like to see: Speed being the chance of going first, instead of 400 speed always going before 399 speed.

Multiple Regions
Only with Unova for the main Gen VI games, but a Kanto remake could have Johto or Sevii. I voted no since we're basically discussing only the first paired versions.

Battle Frontier return
Since it's either Hoenn or Sinnoh being remade in Gen VI, I see that region's Frontier being in the third version and said remakes.

New Starter types
Fire/Water/Grass. End of discussion - but no more Fire/Fighting final forms!

Dark type Gym Leader
It's the only type that hasn't had a gym, so yes.

Tournament instead of elite four
NO. I would, however, like to remove saving during the Elite Four, which would make it similar to a tournament but with set opponents.

Return of team rocket
Only if there are remakes, so no.

New eeveelutions
Dragon would finish off the formerly special-attacking types, but I voted no. Time to break the every-other-generation trend.

New storyline(Not the old ten year old sets out to be champ and stop bad guys)
I liked Colosseum, but I voted no. Remember, XD was pretty much a return to the normal storyline, but with Shadow Pokémon.

Panpour/Pansear/Pansage pre-evo (only one of them, similar to Hitmons)
Throh/Sawk do NOT get a pre-evo
Audino evo (to make grinding harder)
Shedinja evo (keeps 1 HP and Wonder Guard)
Spiritomb pre-evo
Jynx evo (never going to happen, though)
Pinsir evo (Bug/Dark)
Alternate Surskit evo (Water/Bug)
Alternate Deino evo (pure Dragon)
Evo of alternate Deino evo (Dragon/Normal)
Box legendaries are a duo, both Fighting/Flying (one offensive, one defensive)
Legendary trio of Normal/Ghost, Normal/Dark, Normal/Poison
Psychic legendary with 100 in all stats
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