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    Jerome Kerenski - Attempt at Saving a Ralts...

    "I... I'm sorry," these were the words the nurse could say without crying more than she already was... She had seen a lot of things... But this? This was the worst of them, "She's over there..." She told him, pointing at a small glass container in the other side of the room, "It is up to the Trainer how they will say farewell to their Pokemon..."

    As Jerome approached the glass container, he saw that a man with a black jacket, brown-ish hair and a pair of denim jeans also approached the container... He was certainly not a doctor, so, why was he opening the container?

    Before Jerome could tell him to step away, he was pressing a small, spiky item at the Ralts chest, it looked like a Max Revive, but it was shining with the colors of the rainbow instead of its classic yellow-ish color.

    Is he crazy? Why is he doing that, all kinds of Revive only work while a Pokemon is alive! But, wait... The revive suddenly begins shining brightly, just like the Ralts. The shady man leaves the revive over the Ralts as both surges of light join themselves.

    "Ralts!" A cheerful voice yells after the light dissipates, it's Ralts, healthier than ever, and no longer wounded.

    "No need to thank me..." The shady man replies, "It's the least I could do after my Pokemon's behavior."

    As Jerome stares at him, confused, he spots the overgrown Zigzagoon next to him, not angry anymore, instead, sad, as if it had been punished. But, it was supposed to be death by now... Did he use one of those revives on it, too?

    "We shall meet again soon..." The man says as he quickly leaves the center, with Zigzagoon running behind him.

    "Was... Was that a friend of yours?" The nurse asks, not believing what had happened, after all, no one thought that bringing a Pokemon back from death was possible... The Ralts saw a Pokeball falling from Jerome's backpack, and quickly jumped towards it, pressing the button in the middle with its forehead, and sealing itself with a red beam of light...

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