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    Originally Posted by danaxe View Post
    I would like a Mix!
    Pokemon 1 [Base] zangoose
    Pokemon 2:seviper

    you know what they say

    opposites attract
    here you go:

    Originally Posted by MidnightShine View Post
    Thanks so much for them both. I lovin' it.

    I would like a Mix!
    Pokemon 1 [Base]: Latios
    Pokemon 2: Hydreigon
    Sorry it doesn't look very hydreigony, it would've ended up as a repose if not.

    Originally Posted by Cosmotone8 View Post
    Your work looks amazing.

    I would like a full body pixelover!
    Pokemon: Empoleon

    Shiny: No, please

    I would like an Avatar Pixelover!
    Pokemon: Empoleon

    Shiny No thanks.

    They can be the exact same just have the avatar smaller/zoomed in, whatever you feel looks best.
    Take all the time you need, I'm in NO RUSH WHATSOEVER
    hope you like:

    Originally Posted by NecrumWarrior View Post
    I would like a Mix!
    Pokemon 1 [Base]: Tyranitar
    Pokemon 2: Garchomp
    I also need red Hands and feet, like in my Signature. Make it more of a fusion than the one I made though. I need Garchomp features, not just colors.

    Pokemon 1 [Base]: Tyranitar
    Pokemon 2: Giratina
    Sorry, but I need to get specific on this one. The Tyranitar should be Black, with Giratina Tentacles coming out of his back. The tentacles should be normal, except the ends should be stone colored instead of red. His eyes should be Red, and so should his hands and feet.

    In regards to both of these, I want the Diamond Pearl Platinum sprite for Tyranitar. It's the coolest. Unless it doesn't work.

    If I'm being too specific, just let me know and I'll leave you alone. These are representations of my RP character.
    hope these are both okay:


    Just a reminder to you guys one request per person per post and 5 requests from this next post. It'd be nice if you guys used them even just for a few days, I don't make these just for the hell of it :u like always give credit if used.

    Also I'm still pretty busy with college so I won't be posting any new requests till the weekend, unless I get time during college.