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High School is so far more fun than i thought it would be except for the work. Heres whats happened so far.
Beat the Elite Four with this team.
Sora the High Flying Pidgeot (F)
Aerial Ace
Secret Power

Leaf the overgrown Meganium (F)
Petal Dance
Giga Dance
Frenzy Plant

Amps the shiny Ampharos (F)
Signal Beam
Hidden Power

Ness the Water absorbing Lapras
Ice Beam
Hydro Pump
Sheer Cold

Luxnine (Maybe you'll see what i did there :p) the witty ninetales
Confuse Ray
Energy Ball (It pays to have friends that have Platinum and are willing to breed)

and last but not least...

Glacier, Luxnines partner in crime the Glaceon
Ice Beam
Last Resort
Shadow Ball
Water Pulse.

A team worthy of Facing Red? Yellow thinks so. Our teachers are on strike so no school which means i should finish this challenge fairly quickly if i play non stop. But first things first. The Pokeathelon!
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