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I think this one looks pretty good. The concept is... different lol. But the arm on the right looks like it's missing part of the shoulder/upper arm. I get that it's the angle, but maybe, since there are no clothes or other indicators as to the angle, you could adjust the position slightly. Not that it's unclear, because it's not, but just looking closely at it makes me think it's not perfect.

I like the colors and the design. It's bright, which is unexpected given the basis. Have you tried making the body more... coil-y? It's got a kind of 2D feel since the head it looking sideways and the body is making a "U" shape.

Reminds me of The Nightmare Before Christmas. I dunno. The stripes remind me of candy, I think, like candy canes. Which then makes me think of candy apples. The apples are very glossy looking. I kind of like that, but I also (and this is my personal preference) like when the evolutions have a little bit of a different color palette on the middle of a 3-stage evolution (like Charmeleon) since it gives the middle more of its own identity.

It's a great design overall, and I love the pose with him holding the helmet, but those feet should look flatter since we're looking at them from the side, not the top. Also, the white patches in the waist area are more prominent than the grey parts in the chest area so to me they almost give the impression of a very long torso above the waist. I dunno if that's just me though. I think a little more work could be done on the orange bands around the arms, or rather the arm that's holding the pokeball. It tapers to a point at the top, but gets rounded at the bottom and I think it would be more of the other way around. Or something. I'm just getting a strange perspective on those shoulders.

I like these a lot overall. Loving the "come at me bro" pose for the little one the most. They're a bit similar, which I said isn't my preference, but still good. I think there's another problem with the angle of the feet though. Since they're curved downward it kind of makes them look like they're hopping.

I'm not great at anatomy, but I think there's something a bit off in the arms on this one. There's also a lot of detail going on in the head/face area and it looks a little cluttered at the moment, I think.

I like the concepts you've got a lot. I hope you get to making more.
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