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    Hanso's attack hit, but he was in return hit by Sovereign's retaliation. The Gallade took several steps away from the Tyranitar, who said, "It seems I judged you wrong. You are certainly a brave warrior."

    Brave. Not sure this is so much brave as reckless. Hanso grinned, his arm-blades glowing black with Night Slash. Reckless, that's me. "You think I'm gonna run?" he asked, doubling the number of illusions surrounding Sovereign. Can't do the same thing over and over, if I wanna live. He'd been hit in the torso, which wouldn't take too much abuse. I know how to heal others, but not myself.

    Hanso repeated his teleporting routine, then had the illusions converge on Sovereign again, with himself behind and to the left. He ran in again to deliver another Night Slash, then immediately teleported to a place several yards in front of the Sentinel. When he tried to call up a Leaf Blade, he frowned. I learned how to use a Heal Pulse, but that replaced something else? Hanso couldn't quite remember the attack. He instead threw several Psycho Cuts at Sovereign, hoping they would at least distract him, before teleporting behind him and swinging at him with Night Slash.

    As he teleported to a safe distance on Sovereign's right, something caught his eye. He turned to see a burst of black flames in the sky, in the general direction of the main battle. What in the world... Hanso called up his end of the telepathic connections and sent a message to Penance, Zane, Noctus, Ragnaros, and Calamity. "Update on Sovereign. He's actually too busy to join the main battle. I saw the black fire in the sky. What's going on?"

    From his brief brush with Penance's mind, Hanso could tell that it wasn't...quite as normal as it should have been. Focus. He turned back to Sovereign, having been distracted for those few moments.