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    I get the incentive that this thread is a trap to lure me in. Do I take the bait or do I retreat? He's wide open, I could attack for game but what if he has the Gorz? The mothertrucking Gorz? I have no outs to that crap. Do I risk it all to win it all or do I play it safe but give him the chance to turn things around on the following turn? Decisions decisions . . .



    I enjoy and thrive of the misfortune and suffering of other people. Not always though, it depends. Like I'm on DuelistGroundz or I'm reading some dear anon garbage on PC and some of the craptastic cesspool of cow piss I read is just so hilarious to me. I'm like "oh man, you suck so much!" Sometimes I'll go and troll and just make fun of them but other times I'll just keep the amusement to myself. I may make fun of other people but I'm not arrogant. I know that in the grand scheme of things I'm pretty sucky myself.
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