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    Kelsey felt really guilty that she didn't know what to do. Whether or not the boys were as calm as their act appeared to show, they at least had a grasp on how to handle the situation. As much as it relieved her to know someone could deal with the dilemma, it made her feel really pathetic at the same time.

    After all, she wasn't a very independent person. She wanted to be, particularly given how difficult it was for her to become close to someone, but she wasn't. She did bad on her, more than ever when given a difficult situation to handle. She has a habit to break under pressure.

    Damion and Vincent carried Victoria back to camp. If she remembered rightly, they did the same for her when she passed out due to a thunderbolt, right? Now, they're helping Victoria when she's in danger. With a weak smile, she decided to thank them.

    "Hey... guys." Her voice was raspy as she said it. "Damion. Vincent. I just..." Kelsey cleared her throat, and stared at the ground with a sheepish look on her face. She bit her lip. "Well..." Inhaling deeply, she decided to continue on. "First, you saved me from that Pikachu that knocked me out with its thunderbolt. N-now, you're helping Victoria. I don't know..." Her voice trailed off. She continued to gnaw on her lip, and it bled a little. "I-I know might just be helping us because it's a good idea to stick together, but you could just as easily have abandoned us when we needed help the most."

    That heartfelt speech legitimately brought out emotions in Kelsey. She quivered a bit, unable to look at anything but the forest's floor. Just for a moment, there were tears in her eyes, but she blinked quickly a few times, trying to not make that obvious. After a deep breath to get herself together, she summed up her ramble in a short two words.

    "Thank you."
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