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As the Gallade moved in for another attack, once again accompanied by a number of copies, Sovereign found himself distracted. He could feel a presence on the battlefield, which was interesting since he was not normally receptive to feelings of intuition. But this presence was strong. But as the Gallade was about to strike, he came back to his senses, and shifted his body around to avoid getting hit in the same place again. He had already taken a Metal Claw from that Scizor earlier, and didn't need his armor breaking on him.

The Gallade once again teleported away, but right as a number of Psycho Cuts rushed towards him, a horrible black flame emerged from the sky line. Sovereign's focus once again came back to the strange, but powerful presence.

His heart pulsed in his chest. No, not now. Sovereign grabbed at his chest. Then a familiar voice that he never wanted to hear again invaded his mind. Hey there, Lover-Boy. It couldn't be. He's been dead for over ten years. I gotta admit, you've got fine taste in women. That Vera's quite a looker. I bet she can- well, I better not get too graphic. But I really prefer the more... 'elegant' look of girls like Genevieve.

How could this be happening? Sovereign threw his hands on his skull and yelled, "Get out of my head!" So sorry Lover-Boy. 'Fraid I can't do that. Trust me, I'd have left a long time ago if I could. Well, I think it's time to have some fun...

Sovereign's hands dropped to is sides. Suddenly, hundreds of horrible black tendrils burst forth from his body and proceeded to wrap themselves around him, turning his skin a deep, pitch black. Two blood red eyes then opened on his face, and a wicked smile appeared. "Watch out Albia! Varren's* back in town!" he yelled with a disgusting enthusiasm. His voice was clearly Sovereign's, but the tone and manner of speach was completely different, sounding instead like he was a professional criminal. "Oh it feels good to be out of that god forsaken hell hole. Now it's time to have some fun," he said as he turned to look at Hanso. His disgusting smile grew as he then charged the Gallade and followed through with a punch. However, he promptly realized that it had absolutely no effect whatsoever.

"Oh sh-"

*Varren is a character from my short story, Dragon Blood. He apparently died by Sovereign's hands, after triggering his first Outrage.