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She was normal.

And it was wrong.

Wrong like seeing his least-favorite teacher shopping for groceries
LOL this reminds me of the time I saw one of my math professors in Wal-Mart... and that other time I saw the director of my college's housing department in another area Wal-Mart xD

Petitions, petitions, everywhere I'm sure Rick can get a ton for his just by hanging out right outside the Gym or at the League-sponsored lodging facilities.

Which brings me to the meat of what I noticed about the chapter...

I think I can now safely say that while I don't necessarily agree with Lona's methods, I do agree with her reasoning about it. 1960's Sinnoh League does appear to be a big machine that shamelessly wastes money left and right. Trainers need places to stay and heal Pokemon, but they don't need four-star, Hilton-style highrise hotels for that purpose. (I know I had Lisa stay in hotels too, but she paid for them out of pocket and they weren't League-operated.) I've had this notion for awhile, and finally it looks like I'm not the only one. Personally, I think that instead of giving the League more money, an external auditor needs to be brought in to research where the League could cut finding for unnecessary programming, instead of throwing more money their way.

Now Galactic may or may not be doing anything to positively contribute to the League, but I do believe giving trainers a few too many luxuries and conveniences, and that could turn out to be detrimental. But somehow, I like reading about these "big brother" like government entities that might be getting drunk on power. Sinnoh might not be out and out corrupt like the League in my story, but I think it will be interesting to find out if the entire system will be reformed because of what's going on here.

And I think that external audit may be what Bertha needs in order to get Lona's approval and signature. Now, the question is whether she'll secure it before the group moves on...

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