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    OK, so... finally :D And for the last time changes in the RNG Requests (I srsly hope you didn't do them yet :D - if yes I'll gladly accept them and request new ones)

    And I'll do lots of EV Training for you :D

    Flawless (don't care about Attack)
    Shiny: No
    Nature: Modest
    Abilty: Swift Swim
    Egg Moves: None

    Ability: Regenerator
    IV: Flawless (don't care about Attack)
    Calm Nature (+SDef, -Atk)
    Shiny: Yes, if possible

    Ability: Magic Bounce
    IV: Flawless
    Nature: Calm
    Shiny: No
    Egg Moves: Roost
    GenV White FC: 1764 9688 6793

    Feel free to add me to Friends :D