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    Team name: Team Prototype
    Team Leader: Mateshard005
    Current Members: None
    Current Game title: Pokemon Unlimited
    Current progress made: Just Started

    Position(s) needed: I need someone to get there hands on or make them themselves OW sprites in the form of HGSS. You would create or put together Overworld Characters, Animations and Tilesets. They must be in RPG XP format.

    UTC/GMT +10 hours (Australia)
    Preferred Method of contact: Email or Private Message. Email is:

    Additional info:
    This is what my game used to look like, its just that the screenshots of the current version are unavailable. When you contact me, I will get some screenshots of the game. You will have to email me whenever something is completed, as I have a work Journal I am filling out to keep track of the teams actions.
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