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Rin Shavi
Kamen Rock

The walk was quiet and tireless. Trent couldn't find the words to speak and Rin didn't have anything to say. Trent returned his Nidorino back into his pokeball, wishing that he could join him and just be carried by Rin instead. Rin, however, left Feign out of his pokeball and let him walk. Feign needed to be fast and have a lot of stamina, and normal training sessions wouldn't be as efficient as walking, at least, not where time was concermed. It'd been hours since they'd started walking, at least three, and Rin seemed to be unphased and showed no sign of exhaustion. Feign, four-legged as he was, didn't tire so easily, and was actually quite energetic about the endeavor. Trent, on the other hand, wasn't so lucky. Barring the fact that he was two-legged, he was already carrying a rather sizable backpack that Rin uncharacteristically didn't really care for the contents of (likely because she thought so low of him that she didn't find him to be worthy of her theivery). Not to mention that he was a city boy, probably taking cars from place to place, walking only when necessary, it was no surprise that he was so tired out. He was panting and gasping loudly, barely keeping up with Rin's pace.

"H-hey...can...can we please take a break?" Trent asked with speech parted by coughing and panting. It seemed as if Rin didn't hear him as she kept walking and didn't even look back. Several minutes passed by until Rin abruptly stopped. Trent didn't notice right away and almost ran into her, stopping himself just short of her and falling on his rearend. Rin turned her head to the side and looked at him with a very stern, slightly scary expression. Trent returned her glance, but his face showed aloofness and fear. It was clear by this point, at least to Rin, that Trent was basically her pet. Unlike most others, Rin thought of pokemon as equals, and treated them as such. This was due to the symbiosis and domestic boundries between them for most of her life, they were more like her neighbors and friends rather than lower beings, and as such she showed them the respect that they deserved. This is largely the reason that she keeps Feign and Beau out of their pokeballs. Trent, on the other hand, has not deserved the her respect to be treated as any sort of equal to her: human, pokemon, or otherwise. She finds that those who hide behind no-talent weapons, such as guns and bodyguards, without any justifyable reason are the worst kind of beings, it truly disgusts her. Granted, she didn't explicitly let Trent know this, and as it stood she probably wasn't going to. He was her pet, she had no obligation to tell him anything.

"You know, ever since you've all you've done is threaten and complain, and you lost your gun to a baby," she looked to the Caterpie and said, "No offense, Beau." She then turned back to Trent. "Just sit down and shut up, you have to right to be making demands or requests, not until you get some testicular fortitude." That last expression was rather big for Rin, and she wasn't even sure she used it in the right context, she'd read it in a book she'd stolen from someone a while back. "Now, Kamen Rock is just a few steps away, but I'm not letting you go there until you become a man." She pulled out gun from earlier and pointed it at him. "Let's see..." She looked around for...something. Then, abruptly, she said, "I've got it!" She pointed to a creature off in the distance.

A wild Kangaskhan was off in the distance gathering food for itself and its young. Trent said, " looks pretty strong, but...I guess me and Kain can-"

"Not Kain, just you," Rin interuppted.

"W-WHAT!?" Trent exclaimed. "I can't beat that thing on my own!"

"No, you probably can't," She said with a stern expression. "But you will, or else I'll kill you." She wasn't going to kill him...not with the gun, at least, but she wasn't afraid to brandish her knives to spill some fresh blood. Granted, she'd never killed a human before, from what she'd expericenced in close kills, it wasn't much different from killing any other pokemon to her. The pokemon had families, memories, friends, thoughts, and lives just like humans did, to her there was no difference in killing one than there was from killing the other.

"S-seriously?" he asked. Rin didn't respond, but the stern expression on his face was enough to convince him that she was serious. He swallowed hard and then stood up, dropping his backpack on the ground. He slowly trudged over to the Kangaskhan's location, fear shown in each step.

"Oh, right," Rin said. "Catch." She threw a single pokeball over to him. "If you can, use it." Trent caught the pokeball, looked at it for a few moments, then looked to the pokemon, then looked to Rin, who watched him sternly. Again, he swallowed, and started back towards the Kangaskhan, putting the pokeball in his pocket. When he was close enough, as if the Kangaskhan could sense him, and let out a mighty roar. Rin gasped and exclaimed, "Oh no! I forgot!" She dashed passed Trent directly towards the Kangaskhan. When she was directly in front of her, she took the baby Kangaskhan out of its pouch. She flew into a rage, and was about to punch Rin, but Rin looked into her eyes fiercely, as if she were trying to communicate some sort of message. The Kangaskhan looked towards Trent ready to brawl, and Rin ran back to Feign, with Beau on her shoulder and the baby in her arms, ready to watch the fight.
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