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    As Ryan and Casper waited, they heard the little girl start crying, and heard a sound that sounded like she fell.

    Ryan, taking Casper's advice, peeked his head out of the garbage can, and realised that he cant see past the edge of the roof from where he was. Ryan, being the smart guy he is *cough, cough* tried scooting the can closer, and found out he wasnt coordinated as he thought.

    Casper commented as Ryan knocked over the garbage can with him in it, and it started rolling towards the edge. "ah, crap!" Ryan desperately struggled to stop the can from rolling, but failed miserably. the garbage can rolled off the edge of the building, fell to the ground with him in it, and rolled a few feet. Ryan fell out of the can, rolled over onto his side with a groan, and looked to his left to see the young girl who fell.

    Casper said with a smirk in his thought-voice.Ryan just sighed miserably, hoping they wouldnt try to kill him.

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