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    Originally Posted by Eikkatin View Post
    Yeah, you need flutes for "the spots for something". Red flute goes on the red pedestal, yellow flute on yellow pedestal etc. Too bad i have not found blue flute, if someone knows where it is is please tell. When you put the flute on the pedestal it will unlock a cave, in which you can find one of the three legendary birds. Zapdos is in Rock tunnel and Moltres is in Mt.Mortar, if my memory servers right. Dunno where articuno is, probably in Seafoam Island, anyways need to find the blue flute first.
    Registered just to tell you that the blue flute is located in Violet City. Surf in the water between the gym and the Mart. At the end of the "lake" there's a man who gives it to you. Hopefully you've found the flute by now, but I figured someone else might be looking for it.

    Follow-up question: How do you make the pedestals appear? When I go to Outskirt Island, there's nothing there. On my past playthroughs they've just been there, can't recall doing anything to make them appear. Oh, and thank you so much for the hack LaZ, this is like the game I always wanted to make, but never knew how to. So perfect.
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