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Originally Posted by crystalzapdos View Post
I never want to see a duel region game again. With G/S, Kanto was just thrown on with many areas taken out and low-leveled trainers. I don't want to risk having another region being dumbed down like Kanto was. One big region is fine.
This was done because of technologies limited memory space. Also, all they did was complete Johto, and add some Kanto again. I agree, such a thing is a disgrace to the region, in this case Kanto.
I do not speak of this.
I speak of rather 2 regions combining in some fashion so that they are unified, yet 2 seprate regions. Soon, I'll re-order the OP so it can make more sense, sorry for the misonceptions.
I am not speaking of something similar to what HG & SS did. This is beyond that.
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