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I sort of accidentally have a tendency to trade my team over to someone else and get them to take them through the E4 so that they get to about level 40 or so by the third gym. I like feeling superior to the rest of the Pokemon world.
I'll admit, my strategy leaves the games feeling empty. For example I've clocked up almost 160 hours on White so far which is far more time than I've ever bothered with any other game and I still don't have any level 100's simply because they get to about 90 or so and I just keep them there in my party as back-up.
But when I was playing the in-game storyline I got my Servine up to level 23 and i had a Roggenrola, a Whirlipede and a Timburr. I temporarily traded them to my friend who took them through the E4 twice each and they came back at level 45ish to which I just swept through the game without a scratch from Team Plasma.

There was no drama or anything being over levelled, I think I'll try and make the most of White 2 by not training them to level 50 before the game hah!
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