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    well, hi there, perddy BLUE shiny!! One of the few i actually wanted on route 208 in Pearl!! i hoped to God that Bidoof, Bibarel or Zubat didnt shine, and i got my wish. My DSBulk shortly died after i caught this fellow, so i cant post the info screens right now. I will, however, be posting those last four i have recently caught so you guys know that i dont suck cheat for my shinies, and, since the pics i have are usually large, i'll have to put them into a spoiler box. Not sure yet where im going to hunt next in Pearl, and i'm gonna have to hunt up my Sapphire so i can insert it into my DSBulk and use it's power for whatever shiny i like.

    also, pretty soon, like maybe tomorrow, im going to be buying White/Black (i always forget which one i have) so i can start SRing Snivy

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