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Genevieve L’esprit

How...repugnant. Two more of the insolent whelps had appeared to “challenge” her. They had to recognize the futility of such actions. Oh yes, the citizens of Albia, how dreadful such a fate that awaited them. This wasn’t so much a punishment as it was mercy, having to live under the ineffectiveness of the Gold Tribe and Alpha Alliance, she was sparing them such mind numbing fatuousness.

They demanded she stop before they turn to force. How adorable. When all else fails, all these troglodytes do is turn to force. It was almost sad, what must it be like in their sad little heads. “I have a name,” she called down in response. “I go by Genevieve, so if it wouldn’t be asking too much, I’d prefer that over simply being called ‘Sentinel’,” she continued playfully. “I mean, I know technically we’re enemies,” she let out an exasperated moan. “But would it kill you to be a little civil?”

Turning her gaze skyward, away from the Sawk and Ditto on the ground below. The sound of the Aerodactyls’ mighty squawking was meaningless noise to most, but to her, it was the beautiful realization of a plan. They continued to dip and dive, the incessant flapping and jostling for position an arial acrobatic ballet. It wasn’t long now.

“You know, you really shouldn’t be worrying about little old me,” Genevieve returned her attention to the noble fools. “I am merely the composer of destruction, not the instrument.” She let out a muffled laugh over the clashing of battle. The longer she could keep them talking, the more time she had to recover and the more time her plan had to come to fruition.

The mindless Ancients seemed to be giving ground in the great skirmish. The Alpha Alliance forces already began to breach the city walls and begin pushing inside. Time to light the fire. “Tick, tock, tick, tock,” Genevieve wagged her hand in a clockwork motion towards her audience, wondering if they were even capable of understanding her meaning. In the end, they didn’t need to.

With a mighty harmonized shriek, the ancient arial army of Aerodactyls flocked to the heart of Albia. They hovered motionless, almost as if they waited for the exact second. So punctual, so loyal. Even with this, granted, large distraction. She knew that they would come for her. She may not have been at her best, but she was as ready as she was ever going to be.

The Aerodactyls lowered their heads in unison, a bright light forming in the back of their throats. Hyper beams. Just as quickly as they had formed, they were unleashed on the waiting edifice below. A nearby abode erupted with satisfactory spectacle. This would take a while, but the attempted destruction of Albia was well at hand.