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    I'm really loving the direction the WWE is going at the moment, especially with the idea of Rock vs. Punk for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble. My prediction is that Rock will win the title and John Cena will win the Royal Rumble match, which will result in The Rock vs. John Cena II for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania.

    If that goes down, I may just have to order Wrestlemania this year. The event will be worth that match alone.

    Seriously though, the World Heavyweight Championship match better not be the first match again for the third year running. It didn't work at Wrestlemania 27 and it was a joke at Wrestlemania 28. Especially considering Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus both won the Royal Rumble match, which is supposed to allow whoever wins to headline Wrestlemania.


    Did you guys see Raw tonight? Jerry Lawler collapsed during the show and Michael Cole was barely able to speak while he was still commentating. After a while WWE decided there would be no commentating for the rest of the night (Cole was probably unable to because he was really shaken up). I wasn't watching but I heard about it online and it made me genuinely scared. I love the King. Apparently he's doing well now, but we'll probably find out more about his health tomorrow.

    I really hope he pulls through this.