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    for Strong Violence and Blood, with Possible Romance and Coarse Language


    This is a close-knit, small RP. DO NOT WRITE A SIGN-UP if you do not believe that you can devote your time to this Roleplay. At the start, there will be only four sign-ups accepted. The players who join this RP must make sure they can stay on. We can't have you abandoning this Roleplay, now can we? It will diminish and maybe even kill the RP if a player just up-and-leaves, or becomes inactive for very long. You have been warned.

    The Plot
    In an unnamed dimension where the Hero of Light had fallen, a wicked sorcerer by the name of Vaati proclaimed victory, and with it, took over the land of Hyrule. However, rebellions were in order. Vaati needed more power. After defeating the Hero of Light, capturing the Hyrulian Princess, and overthrowing his own master, Ganondorf, Vaati relinquished all three of their Triforce pieces, absorbing them into himself. Of course, the rumors of rebellion were spread around, and Vaati saw this as a reason to gain more power. With his power, he reached into the other dimensions, pulling the other wielders of Triforce from their home worlds and taking their powers away. Vaati quickly became an unstoppable force. His many minions were each granted the power of a triforce piece, and ninety of these minions roam the world, while five deadly beings reach a higher class, wielding two pieces each. The players are pulled into this world from their own home dimensions by a Spirit Wolf. They are expected to form a team and build up the rebellion against Vaati, while remaining hidden from the dark lord's vision.

    The World
    This world is damaged, and in most areas only ruins remain of once bustling towns. This is the result of Vaati. There are few towns and hidden areas to which Vaati has not yet found and destroyed. These hidden towns are the safest place you can possibly go, as even Vaati's minions have yet to find them.

    The Plan
    Vaati has become vastly more powerful than anyone could have imagined. The gathered heroes must find proper equipment and gain power before they can even attempt to aim for Vaati. Even this task is small in comparison to the greatest skill they must attain: Teamwork. This is not a battle for the bold and brave.

    Ye Heroes have strength in numbers...

    The Heroes
    You are a hero that was pulled from your own dimension into this world, so you must join forces with the other heroes and the spirit wolf in order to bring balance. Why do you have to fight this battle, you say? Well, unless Vaati is defeated, you're not going back home. Moreover, chances are the prince or princess from your world was taken here to lose the triforce. Better get on that!

    The Rules
    These rules must be followed, or else I will have to punish you. If that doesn't work, Skymin will punish you. Be very afraid of Skymin. She will destroy you.
    1. Follow all PC Rules.
    2. Gore is allowed, so have fun spilling blood!
    3. Romance is allowed, but as it is depicted in the rules, "the act" cannot be acted upon, except off-camera (so to speak).
    4. Violence is also allowed, don't be afraid to get a little graphic.
    5. Swearing is okay, so have a ****ing blast with it!
    6. Remain loyal to the RP. Do not abandon the RP or suddenly leave PC without mention.
    7. Life is hectic, I understand. If you are going to have to be absent for a certain amount of time, let us know. You'll either be bunnied along, or if you can think up a good enough story, have your character out of the group for a little while.
    8. Bunnying is only allowed if the person allows it.
    9. You have a week (Seven days from the last post) to post, or your turn will be skipped and the group will continue to post. If this happens twice, be prepared for consequences.
    10. Despite the above rule, there are few valid excuses. I'm not that cruel.
    11. The password you're looking for is "All Hail Vaati".
    12. Note that, at RP Start, your character will lose all of their items and equipment; you're entering this world empty-handed.
    13. Follow all of the above rules.
    14. ..... Oh? This isn't a rule. I just didn't want it to end at 13. That's bad luck, you know.

    The Sign-Up Sheet

    Name: (First/Last, Middle Optional)
    Nickname: (Anything others may call you?)
    Age: (Roughly 15~30, though it can vary)
    Race: (What are you? Note: Link and most of the characters that look human are "Hylian" race. CLICK HERE for some examples of Races.)

    Weapon: (What type of Weapon do you use? Sword and shield? Dual swords? Lances, Spears, Axes, Javelins, Hammers? It's entirely dependent on you, and determines what weapons you'll earn in the RP.)
    Perks: (What is your character good at? What makes them special?)
    Faults: (What is your character poor at? What do they fail at?)

    Appearance: (Pictures allowed, though text is required. What do you look like?)

    Personality: (What are you like? How do you get along with others? Do you have any quirks? Nobody is perfect.)

    History: (What did you go through to get here? What happened before now?)

    Ally: (Optional. Does your character have an ally? These are generally imps or fairies, though you may be creative, to a fault.)
    Ally Name: (Duhhhhhh)
    Ally Appearance: (What does he/she/it look like?)
    Ally History: (How did you find your ally? What did he/she/it do up until you met?)
    Ally Perks: (What can your ally do?)
    Ally Faults: (What can't your ally do?)

    Password: (What is it? Please, make sure you've read everything.)

    Proof of Loyalty: (How do I know you aren't going to abandon the RP or just leave PC entirely?)

    RP Sample: (This can be as short or as long as you desire. Explain what you were doing on the day you stumbled into the dimensional rip, and how you ended up being sucked into it.)

    • Spirit Wolf - Rei - (WolfOfEve)
    • Hylain/Stalfos - Endo Exo - (Mr. Mammoth)
    • Hylian - Delilah Harris - (NightOfRemorse)
    • Rito - Iora Oriole - (Claire*)
    • Golem - Relak - (jasonwolf)
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