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Logan Locks

Click! Logan caught the Spinarak!

Swarm - Spinarak Powers up Bug-type moves in a pinch
  • Poison Sting
  • String Shot

- 1x PokéBall

Benjamin Whistler

Benjamin nodded as Mr. Macintosh accepted his proposal. This was good! It was sad that Mr. Ambrose had gone off on his own without Benjamin, but as long as Benjamin had something or someone interesting to write about, he would be fine. Or maybe some food. Perhaps he should buy some food while they were out? He hadn't really eaten since before he got here.

"S-sounds like a really g-g-good idea, sir. I need to get some things, some things from the m-m-market too," Benjamin nodded again. And before he forgot, he whipped out his journal.

Ambrose had to leave. Now with Robert Macintosh. Seems nice enough.

"L-lead the way!"

Martha Elson

Oh, look! The Spinarak dropped something!
+ 1x Poison Barb

Rin Shavi

- 1x PokéBall
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