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-Username: LeCheesecake
-In game name: Ti
-Pokemon: Arbok
-League: Unova
-Game: Pokemon White
-Level: 96 at start
-Obtained legit from Gen 4 as an Ekans
-Items: used! Of course! A lot of Full Restores and a few PP healers.

Why Arbok? It's my favourite Pokemon of the first few generations, I wanted a challenge, and out to prove that it's not just a joke from the anime! =P Focused on Attack and Special Defense EVs because Coil doesn't cover for special threats. Pretty much used Coil to set up a powerful and accurate sweep at the start of the fight, using Dragon Tail to bat away premature threats. To be honest, any person would have creamed Arbok but thankfully the AI has limited imagination.

Edit: Moves were Coil, Gunk Shot, Earthquake and Dragon Tail