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I haven't made graphics in quite awhile, so I apologize if something I say seems outdated. But moving on, what you have looks great! But there's a couple of things that really stand out to be problem spots in the entire array:

1. Is it... just me? A lot of your banners have very LQ stocks involved-- I'd recommend finding better quality stocks to use-- it really does make a huge difference in the end.
2. Your text... sticks out a bit..... I'd recommend making an effort to try to integrate your text more with the rest of the tag, so that there's a sort of unity amongst all the features. The text standing out problem is particularly evident for me in your "Is Your Punchline Just a Joke" piece, in which it feels very out of place in terms of font, placement, and effects relative to the rest of the work.

I quite like your icons though-- and while the Taylor Swift icon is a tad bright, it's very beautiful. ^v^

Can't wait to see more, keep at it Charlie!

(Also, I very much like your thread title!)
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