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Originally Posted by υ Shivam View Post
Well heat wave have less Accuracy so i think flamethrower is better.
Originally Posted by dewdott View Post
I haft to say that the move heat wave has a strong attack but it lacks accuracy my suggestion is that you should use flamethrower 100 % in accuracy and is pretty strong but that is my opinion
Thanks for your advice, but I have had Heat Wave on Charizard for such a long time, I feel like it has more reliability (Not Accuracy, just power to faint the foes).

I can now talk about five more Pokemon I had.


-Flamethrower so it can deal with Steel-Types, like Dragon-Types never done.
-Ice Beam so it can take out other Dragon Pseudo-Legendaries.
-Draco Meteor (White Herb) so it can take out Walls yet never decrease Sp. Attack.
-Crunch so it has a physical move and can take out Special Walls like Chansey (Especially).


-Extremespeed so it can take out enemies with horrible Defense but high Attack easily.
-Fire Blast so it can wipe out Walls that Arcanine is strong against.
-Dragon Pulse so it can be extra formidable.
-Solarbeam (Power Herb) so it can just wipe out everything it's weak to.


-Flamethrower because it's a strong Fire-Type move.
-Earthquake so it can wipe out some of it's weaknesses.
-Focus Blast so it can wipe out Walls.
-Stone Edge so it can beat the Dragon Pseudo-Legendarys, and for punishing Flying-Types.


-Dark Pulse so it can destroy loads of Types, as well as flinch them sometimes.
-Fire Blast so it can wipe out walls.
-Torment so that Physical Attackers can't keep on using Physical moves.
-Solarbeam (Power Herb) so it can wipe out it's weaknesses.


-Fire Punch so it can defeat those who are Special Walls.
-Thunder Punch so it can wipe out Water-Types.
-DynamicPunch (It can learn this in Generation II) so it can deal a ton of damage to some of it's weaknesses.
-Blast Burn so it likely can KO an enemy.

But yeah, the previous two posts on his club were a little spammy, so just a warning to U Shivam and Dewdott about not doing it again.