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"Oh, damn it..." Calamity said quietly, as he saw Defender begin to revert to his unbalanced persona again. He wondered what had caused it this time, as no new revelations occurred recently. Calamity concluded that whenever they knocked him back into his sense, they don't solve the problem. They merely postpone it. The Gold Tribe would have to find a way to fix it in the long run. However, at the moment, they need him back to normal. Seeing as that seemed like it wouldn't happen, Calamity was forced a bit forward by the rubble Defender launched at him from behind. "Damn it, get him out of here!" Calamity yelled.

Guardia grabbed at the Golduck and held him back. "Defender, get your act together! Now's not the time for you to have a mental breakdown!" She yelled at his face, shaking him by the shoulders.

"Forget it." Calamity said, just as Ignitus began approaching again, ready to do more damage. "We need to get out of here! She's too powerful. Besides, I see something going on in the city that we'd have better uses for." He said, motioning to Albia and the destruction coming upon it by the flying Ancient Pokemon. "We need to stop that now."

Noctus shook his head. "Arceus." He cursed. "I didn't sign up for this..."

Guardia nodded, looking at Ragnaros, Noctus, Swift, and Healer, while also grabbing Defender by the neck and forcefully attempting to move him back with her. "Come on, brothers and sisters. We have to go save the city! That's our new priority!"

Guardia began leaving with the others to the direction of the city, then looked back at Calamity, who didn't move yet. "Calamity! Come on!"

"Hang on." He said, looking back at Ignitus. "I'm going to try to hold her off for a moment. So she doesn't follow us. I'll be right behind you, I promise."

Guardia looked at him with a raised eyebrow, before nodding and heading to the city with the others. She assumed he would be along shortly.

Calamity sighed and turned back to Ignitus. "Of course, you know neither of us are going anywhere, don't you Sentinel?"

Ignitus said nothing as she stepped forward, the flames around her body increasing with each step. The area around her was burned with her flames. She prepared to launch another Overheat, fully intent on overpowering Calamity in one hit. Calamity prepared an attack of his own. He closed his eyes. He took a deep breath, and calmed himself. He could feel the intensity of the flames a few mere meters away from him, but he tried to concentrate back on his energy gathering. He had to make this as strong as he could, no matter the cost. In the midst of his gathering of energy, the faces of his brother, Rai, and his sister Kasey, and of his father and mother appeared in his mind. He never did get to learn the fate of his family, whether they were in hiding somewhere, or whether they had died in the invasion. Them being in the Gold Tribe, he assumed the latter, even if he did keep looking. Now, it appeared he would never get a chance to learn what happened.

Right after the battle of Eternity City, Calamity was one of the few people willing to try out Demas's machine, which allowed them to switch moves. It was a dangerous machine, with possible life-threatening affects, but he did it anyways, choosing a move that would be useful on the off chance that they ran into a situation with impossible chances of victory. In the hands of a member of the Gold Tribe, the move could produce catastrophic damage, but the payoff would be fatal.

The move was Explosion.

Calamity looked back at the city of Albia. "See you all in another life." He said softly, with a smile appearing on his face...


Guardia ran forward to the city, making occasional glances at the others around, especially Defender, hoping he was still following as well, and not going completely insane. She then heard a telepathic message from TrueStriker.

"Update on Sovereign. He's actually too busy to join the main battle. I saw the black fire in the sky. What's going on?"

Ignitus did some sort of transformation. I don't even know how to begin to describe it to you. It was as if her whole persona changed, and her appearance. Anyways, we're heading toward the city to stop the Aerodactyls from doing more damage. Calamity sa-"

Guardia stopped her telepathic message dead in her tracks, and looked among the others. Wait, where is Calamity? She thought to herself. Just as she began to look back at the direction of where Ignitus was, a large, powerful explosion erupted from the area. The blast produced a bright, white light that blinded Guardia for a moment, and the shockwave of the blast was enough, even at their distance, to knock her off her feet. Everything was white on her eyes, as she held on to whatever she could on the ground and endure the blast.

"What the hell just happened?!" Noctus yelled from the ground, covering his head with his arms.


Zane dragged himself off the ground, just being hit right on the chest by an Ice Beam. No matter how many times he would go in for an attack, she kept her distance and counter with a longer range. Her reflexes were too quick to get a hit on. Nevertheless, Zane tried again. He ran at her head-on, powering up his claws on the way with a Swords Dance, and then going at her with an Iron Head.

Frost sidestepped and put a leg out in front. The momentum Zane was going at, he couldn't avoid the foot, and tumbled over. However, just as he flew through the air, she launched an Ice Beam right onto her back, causing him to be flung back into a nearby empty house.

"Hmm...I expected more out of you, Vigil." She said, crossing her arms. Zane slowly rose again, wiping the blood away from his mouth. "Ah, at least you don't give up easily. Good." She looked off into the not-too-distant part of the city, where the Ancients had already begun to do their damage from above. "Ah. Just in time. Witness, Gold Tribesman, the destruction of you city. How it must pain you to see this all happen right under your nose. I know if Rey were still alive, he would never have let this happen." She giggled happily, enjoying every moment of torturing Zane. Zane panted heavily, the last bit of words Frost said hitting him hard. He buried the thoughts, knowing she was only trying to fluster him, and charged back in again, this time with a Night Slash. In an almost repeat performance, Zane was brought down to hit knees, a recipient of another ice beam. Frost went up to Zane, and lifted his head to the direction of the Hyper Beams of the Aerodactyl. "I want you to see this. I want you to see what you caused."

Zane tried to break free of her grip, but couldn't. He struggled, but all of it proved fruitless. Zane could only sit and watch as Albia began to be destroyed.

But then, something happened. A light brighter than any he had seen just shone, followed by a large rumbling of the ground. A large last had just occurred, coming from just outside the city gates. The light was enough to cause from to cover her eyes, and release Zane. Zane then suddenly found someone grabbing at his arm, and leading him away. Because of the light, he couldn't see who it was, but merely followed the Pokemon, not in much of a position to do otherwise. They turned behind a group of houses, where the light didn't shine as bright, and then as it died down, Zane was able to see the figure of his brother Hoodhide.

"Hoodhide..." He said, still trying to overcome his injuries done to him by Frost.

"Dunnworry, Vigil! Gold Tribe never leaves-a brother to-fight alone." He said with a bright smile. "We'll fight Frosty later. Right now, we-gotta stopdose Aerodactyls. Da-Generals and the others can evac da-rest of-the homes."

"Right..." Zane said. "...thanks."


Gallant shook his head, almost as if he was in disbelief at the Sentinel's words. "I apologize if my rudeness is not something you're used to." Gallant began. "But I usually don't show respect towards heartless murderers. So you'll forgive me if I seem a little 'uncivil'." He said.

But when the Siren mentioned the Aerodactyls, Gallant looked up to confirm her words. She was right, and by the looks of things, they didn't have long.

"Damn!" Gallant said. "We have to stop this! We have t-"

The brightness of the white light shone past the Sawk and Grovyle-Ditto. The covered their eyes, and could feel the ground shake and rumble, as if an earthquake was occurring. But eventually, the brightness passed, and the shaking faded. Gallant wanted to investigate what exactly that was, but knew they didn't have time. "Speculum. Go stop those Aerodactyls. I'll handle the Siren."

"By yourself?" He asked.

"We've got no choice. I'll be alright. These old bones still have a bit of something left in them."

Speculum wasn't eager to leave his old instructor alone to fight the Sentinel. He had only recently reunited with him, and had no intention of leaving. But he understood the dangerous situation Albia was in. "Promise me you'll be alright."

Gallant laughed. "Boy, I've been doing this since before you were born. I'll be alright. Now go!" Speculum didn't wait for another second as he departed into the city, where the armies were still clashing with Ancients.

Gallant positioned himself toward his opponent. Using a focus energy to pump himself up, Gallant ran at the Siren at the fastest he could, and struck at her with a set of fists, Close Combat.

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