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    I'm in HG doing a quite terribad team because I want to make the game challenging (starting Cyndaquil and instagib'n EliteFour ain't fun anymore) and I trapped a Sunkern to replace my Bayleef as I want weaker pokemon.

    The difference between Sunkern and Sunflora is the moveset.

    Sunkern Cant include any links. Oh well. Just see the Pokedex.
    Sunflora ^

    After Level 3 there start being some differences. Syntethis/Petal Dance, Sunny Day/Sunny Day, Giga Drain/Solar Beam and Seed Bomb/Leaf Storm.

    When would you recommend me to evolve Sunkern? It would be pre-E4 for sure.

    Current team:

    Sunkern, Eevee (to become Umbreon por little to no damage), Sudowoodo (weak overall) and Koffing (for another pure type Pkmn). If you know of other weak or just strange to see in a team Pkmn, feel free to suggest (Delibird isn't in Pkmn HG :c) And I need a flying Pkmn soon.