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    Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post
    It's great to see someone come back after so long and finish a hack. Goodluck on this!
    Thanks, I just took a long break for no apparent reason :)

    Originally Posted by RetroRoller View Post
    I probably wasn't around when you showcased this before, but it looks brill! Big fan of a lot of the features of this... tiles and the like ;)


    Is that an Everybody hates Chris reference? The guy called Jerome always used to say lemme hold a dollar! :D
    No, unless that' an alt account you weren't around. As for the screenshot, I'm not sure, long a time where I once hacked all day everyday... someone posted that trainer script idea in this thread and I just used it blindly :)
    Thanks for the compliments, I'll try to keep up everyone's expectations.

    Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
    @Ali: Well sry about that =D But it is true anyways =D
    You wanna make me cry too, don't you :D

    Originally Posted by KingofPokemon234 View Post
    Looking forward to this hack!

    Trainer Name: Jake (Preferably an Ace/Gym Trainer)
    Before Battle: (GYM LEADER) is my role model, think you can beat me?
    Defeat: You're good!
    After Battle: I've never had such a good battle before.
    I can't believe someone filled that out, been a long while since I requested that :P
    Well at any rate I'll find some room to fit yours in somewhere, thanks for filling it out.

    Sprite Updates:

    Absolutely nothing. Oh wait, look at progress updates! I made an overworld for the gym leader :D

    Progress Updates:

    I'm hiding. Find me. I will try to make new gym tiles for this place.

    After the market event.

    Took the shot a little late, but I'll let you decide what he said before. Struggle...struggle trying to figure out what he said!

    Oak woods! Named after the famous Professor Oak.

    That's all this update folks. I assume everyone can see the screenshots now, no one complained about it :)

    I have enough content to release something. It's about 4 hours of playtime right now if you know where to go who to talk to and stuff. The problem is that now I have to get someone to test it and all that stuff. In the past I got my brother to do that, but he's all 'grown up' now and would rather play MMO than my Pokemon hack :(

    Volunteers? Please VM me or post here. You must be able to take screenshots and show me what's wrong. There shouldn't be anything major, I did play through it a couple times.