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    Originally Posted by voltianqueen View Post
    When people who are against abortion suggest adoption instead, I feel like they forget the part where you have to, ya know, be pregnant and later give birth.... Nooo thank you
    ...? No idea what you're saying here...

    Originally Posted by Bear View Post
    I'm unfamiliar with "zygote" - Is that not an ovum that's been fertilised by a sperm (thus the eventual foetus)?
    Originally Posted by Bear View Post
    How did you come to that conclusion? Does the amalgamation of a sperm cell and an ovum also include the immediate inception of a soul? I happen to think that this is the wrong question, regardless of the answer. I would be more interested to find out how we can quantify suffering in the matter.
    I came to the conclusion because from fertilisation onwards it has a different DNA set, different very much from either parent, making it (or who, whichever) a new organism different from parents with a unique personality and the potential for a fulfilling life. Dunno about the soul tho. And what do you mean quantify suffering?

    Originally Posted by Bear View Post
    Perhaps I wasn't clear. I meant to say that the idea of observing the right to life for all potential clusters of reproductive cells is a mad one if you try to uphold it. Shining Raichu made a salient point - is a sperm cell by pro-life logic not a potential person?

    People who think in this way are trying to create a rule - I applied this rule thoroughly (hypothetically) and am pointing out that it does not work.
    ...Prolife logic? Prolife is a group of people believing in something, not a cult... But yeah, I think whichever way you look at it, a sperm cell is a potential life, but whether or not you decide to actually bring this potential to fruition is your own choice (or rather, the parents' choice). Prolife merely says that it was your decision to give a possiblilty for life, and just because you don't like the results you can't just kill the zygote. If you don't want the result, why do the action required for it? And I am not sure what you mean with this rule. What rule and how did you apply it?

    I myself am for abortion, but not the kind of commercial abortion happening today, where mothers have abortions just like that because they don't want a baby. Why have unprotected intercourse if you didn't? I am for it mostly because of rape victims and of the sort that become pregnant. Or, in some cases, teenage mothers. Although I think teens are just idiots to become pregnant already. But I think you get the point.

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