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Omg yes Altix hi welcome I'm so sorry I missed your post among all the heavy discussion XD. You're a funny dude haha.

Originally Posted by FrostPheonix
I came to the conclusion because from fertilisation onwards it has a different DNA set, different very much from either parent, making it (or who, whichever) a new organism different from parents with a unique personality
I have to wonder about the unique personality. Sure, given time it will be born and develop its own personality, but I don't think at the fertilization stage it does. A personality requires a developed brain and a consciousness which a zygote does not have.

I think whichever way you look at it, a sperm cell is a potential life, but whether or not you decide to actually bring this potential to fruition is your own choice (or rather, the parents' choice). Prolife merely says that it was your decision to give a possiblilty for life, and just because you don't like the results you can't just kill the zygote. If you don't want the result, why do the action required for it?

I myself am for abortion, but not the kind of commercial abortion happening today, where mothers have abortions just like that because they don't want a baby. Why have unprotected intercourse if you didn't?
Sex feels good, that's why people do it. As to how they get pregnant, while I know that there are a lot of irresponsible people out there who roll the dice, that's not always the case and often the story is more complex than can be fixed by simply stating "well why'd you do it in the first place?" People make mistakes and I think a life sentence is a bit of a harsh punishment for succumbing to your carnal urges.

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