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Creed Reese
Oreburgh City - "Sadness"

Creed stopped just short of Lucy, and that blissful smile he sported earlier disappeared completely. He noticed Amy in front of a wall, crying, which meant that the voice he heard earlier that was barking orders at someone was his assailant, and he was yelling at Amy. He stared in Amethyst's direction for a few moments; although he couldn't see her, her slightly muffled crying reminded him of Mako, who would curl up the same way when he cried. Creed clenched his teeth, he was really pissed off, now. Apparently Lucy wasn't so fond of this guy either.

Creed turned to the one who attacked him, a dark aura emanating from his person. He wasn't exactly sure why Amethyst was crying, but he thought it had to do with this guy...or maybe it was a girl. He never did actually hear the voice of his assailant, but really, he didn't care too much. He scowled, which was rather uncharacteristic, as he was the type who loved a good fight, but this time it was personal. "Lucy," he said, "verbal discipline won't be enough. I'm going to have put this reunion on delay." He pointed to the man (or in the direction where he thought he was) and yelled, "You hear that!? Today's your Day of Reckoning!"
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