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Ah, so you write fan fics too! I've wanted to meet more fanfic writers nowadays. (: I myself write fan fics for fun - one I'm trying to finish that's based off of the game Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatosk~ If you want, check out the Fan Fiction and Writing board! You can share the fan fics you've written, as well as any poems or short stories you've made. :3 You can also talk about writing in general - generate ideas for new stories, etc.

If you're interested in ROM Hacking, then you miiight want to visit the Emulation board. There, you can take a look at the Rom Hacking board to talk about ROM Hacking, as well as research information on hacking, or you can view the Tutorials board, juuust in case you want a guide on how to map make, insert sprites, make music, and so on~! I'm interested in ROM Hacking too, so I read some of these guides from time to time. :3

That being said, naturally, this being a pokemon forum, there are of course, loads of pokemon topics, and boards you can visit to express your pokemon love with our fellow members. :3 Anywho, I've hope this helps on your quest to learn about hacking and patching! I hope that someday, you'll get the hang of it~! So yeah, welcome to PC! Enjoy your day, and your stay here. :3

PS. sorry if I sounded so awkwardly formal. teehee.

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