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< area theme song >

Cinnabar Island has a near tropical climate and ever since the bright light in the skies of Kanto, the weather seems to have become even hotter and more humid than before. A huge volcano makes up the center of the island and moderately vegetated cliffs surround it. The beaches aren't the biggest or best and usually people enjoy better to bathe from the cliffs. Recently, the slumbering volcano had a minor eruption. Luckily not much of the jungle was destroyed, and the town wasn't touched at all.

Cinnabar Town is modern enough, but small compared to the cities of central Kanto. There are schools but no colleges, there is a town centre with enough shops and restaurants to keep both the natives and the visitors happy. During summer, like now, the town is quite cheerful and bustling with markets, due to tourism. There is a Pokémon Center but no big hospital for humans, only a private clinic where doctor Henry Coal, Ambella's older brother, and his nurses skilfully aid anyone in need of medical assistance. If they can pay, of course.

The research lab is a white, one store building situated closer to the volcano, on the outskirts of the town. Ambella Coal works with a couple of assistants there.

Wild pokémon live in the jungle and on the slopes of the volcano.




- Barrage
- Uproar
- Hypnosis

SLUGMA - Common

- Yawn
- Smog
- Ember


- Bite
- Roar
- Ember

VULPIX - Uncommon

- Ember
- Tail Whip

CARNIVINE - Uncommon

- Bind
- Growth
- Bite

MAGBY - Rare

- Smog
- Leer
- Ember


Ambella has asked you all to meet her outside her lab this morning. There, she will give you your pokédex and tell you some important information. Follow her instructions. I will be playing her.

For your first post, you should arrive outside the lab, spot Ambella Coal and wait for the others. You may interact if you wish, but as soon as all trainers have arrived, Ambella will begin.

Ambella Coal is 25 years old and usually very cheerful and alert, although she can sometimes zone out, lost in deep thoughts. You may not bunny her.

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