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Thought activity could use a little reward.

Contest - Sceptile's Little Worshipper!

Make successful topics! If I see you making a topic that is successful, you'll get 10 pts! Everyone who replies will get 1 point automatically, then 5 if it spawns a discussion. Bonus points will be given at my discretion, based on how long or good the discussion/post is.

Keep in mind, I am the decider as to who gets the prizes! If you feel like you should have won something, PM me and we'll sort that out.

Points will not be displayed. Rather, I will keep a private list on my computer (backed up, guaranteed :3) and I will hand out the prizes as needed.

Ah yeah. I feel like I shouldn't really reveal it now, but just know that the prize is gonna be ~awesome~! Keep racking up those points and you'll get it soon enough!

And the first person who receives my prize (100 points) will have a complimentary Emblem (if Olliikins allows)!
did u no there r 21 letters in the alphabet
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