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Originally Posted by Medlis View Post
Thanks, and yeah I understand with school and with siblings. Best of luck locating your lost DS. Little fingers often come up with strange places to hide things.

If you need longer on the RNG just let me know ahead of time so I can let my friends know when I'll be ready for their tournament.
Okay, found my DS. It was under the seat of the car. You're lucky you have friends that play pokemon, my friends think its nerdy to EV train. Anyways, I'll be RNGing it soon, on a day I don't have much homework.

Originally Posted by Pokemanz View Post
The Swampert is off the GTS so I'm not sure if its legit, but the Cresselia is from my japanese Black 2 and the Gyarados is from my Heart Gold
What are Cresselia's IVs and nature?

Medlis, I'm done Zorua. Sorry for the wait, I'll start Roselia soon.

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